Which is best, Solid-state amp or Tube?

Which is best, Solid-state amp or Tube?

When trying to decide which is best, solid state amp or tube, it comes down to personal preference. Mine is tube, but I know many talented guitarists who prefer the solid state amps.

A tube amp can deliver a natural overdrive tone that the solid state amps cannot. This natural overdrive sound is particularly sought after in classic rock or blues playing. Only tubes can give you this sound and that is one reason why these heavy, expensive amps are still very popular. Another is the clean sound. The warmth of a clean sounding tube amp is unmistakable and many jazz and country artists insist on this sound that can only come from a tube amp. These amps are heavy compared to their rival solid state buddies. Tube amps will initially cost more and you have to replace the tubes in time, eventually leading to more cost. The amps will, however, Solid-state-ampoutlive you if properly taken care of.

Transistor or solid state amps are very popular for several reasons. Probably the most common reason is cost. These amps are far less expensive than their tube amp rivals. Another is their weight. These things are feathers compared to tube amps, especially when you get into the larger models! Another up side of solid state amps is the many features and sounds they can provide without having to purchase extra effects pedals. They can even deliver a sound very similar to the over driven amp sound of their competitors for less money.

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