Which Amplifier Is Right For You

Which Amplifier Is Right For You

When choosing a guitar amp there are a few things to think about that will help you find which amplifier is right for you.

First is your budget and generally you can divide the amps in two sections concerning price. Tube or solid state. The tube amps will always cost more. If you are on a very limited budget a solid state amp will probably be where you want to start.

Second, what type of music are you playing? If you are into blues, a tube amp, even a small one, will give the best natural overdrive tone that most blues players seek. On the other hand, if you are playing country music, you might want a cleaner sound and although a tube amp can provide a nice clean sound, so can a solid state amp and you will likely have more which-guitar-ampsfeatures for less money.

Where are you playing? If you are playing in large rooms, you will want at least a 30 watt amplifier, probably more, unless you are going to have the amp run through a sound board. If you are going to be playing in your basement with friends, anything between 15 and 30 watts will likely be fine.

If you want strictly a practice amp for small rooms or apartments, there are small guitar amplifiers specifically designed with this in mind. They won’t work in a live band situation but you can get some nice sounding practice amps that you and your neighbors will appreciate.

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