Various Kinds of Guitar Amps

Various Kinds of Guitar Amps

While there are many sizes, shapes and brands of amplifiers available, the various kinds of guitar amps can be broken down into a few general categories.

Tube amps are the most expensive. Many argue they are worth the money, and while it indeed comes down to personal preference and often the style of music being played through it, they do indeed have a unique sound of their own. Most seasoned blues players will have nothing to do with a solid state amp and use only all-tube driven guitar amps. The natural overdrive from a tube amp is warm and sweet. They produce a unique clean sound also.

Guitar-AmpsA solid state amplifier is a less expensive choice than the tube versions. These guitar amps come in many sizes and wattage’s. An advantage these amps have over tube amps is the many preset sounds they often come with. Sampled sounds of particular famous set ups or solos can be found on these amps at no extra cost. This can save a person from buying extra effects pedals. These amps are far lighter to carry than the tube amps. Something to consider if you are small, aging or just have a lot of steps to travel hauling your equipment.

Guitar amps are also classified as practice amps or playing out amps. A practice amp is simply that and you cannot expect to use it for anything other than it’s designed purpose. They do not have the wattage needed to play with a band.

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