Top Guitar Amp Makers

Top Guitar Amp Makers

There are a wide range of amplifiers for electric guitars on the market. Over the years, a few manufacturers have come to be accepted as the standard other amps are measured by.

Marshall amplifiers are almost synonymous with rock music. From Jimi Hendrix on down the line, guitarists have turned to Marshall amps for rich tones and warm distortion. Think of the classic image of a rock star, and in the background there’s probably an amplifier stack with the familiar Marshall logo on the front.

Another classic name in amplifiers is Fender. Fender is known for their iconic electric guitars, but the company started off manufacturing amps. Fender combo amps like the Twin Reverb are renowned for their clean, bright tones and vintage spring reverb.

Mesa Boogie entered the market in the 1970s as the first maker of high-gain amps. Mesa Boogie cabinets like the Rectifier and the Mark series have provided the signature sounds of more aggressive groups like Metallica and Korn.

mesaboogieIn the 1980s, Crate made a line of very successful solid-state amplifiers. These amps featured more modern tones that can be heard in Van Halen and KISS records.

For musicians on a budget, Peavey has consistently offered reliable and affordable guitar and bass amps, as well as PA systems. Countless guitarists have learned how to play on a Peavey amp.

In recent years, Line 6 has emerged as a leading amp brand. They offer amps with innovative digital effects, allowing one amp to emulate the sounds of different vintage models with the press of a switch.

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