How to Pick the Best Guitar Amp

How to Pick the Best Guitar Amp

When the time comes for shopping amplifiers, knowing how to pick the best guitar amp will make your decision easier. There are many brands and styles to choose from, each with it’s own special purposes and features.

Define which type of music you play and where you will be using this amp. If you play mostly blues, you may want to consider an all tube amp. Even a small tube amp will deliver the sound most blues players desire over a larger transistor amp.

If you are playing jazz or country you may want a cleaner sounding amp. A good clean sound can be obtained by both tube and non tube amps, or a combination of both. Generally, a tube amp will cost more with less features, but may not be necessary if you are playing these choose-a-guitar-Ampstyles of music.

If you are going to be playing classic rock or blues rock, a tube amp may be a consideration. However, many of the newer transistor amps have good pre programmed sounds that imitate an over driven tube amp sound. These non tube amps can be a lot easier on your wallet too.

The bottom line is to shop prepared. Know how much you are willing to spend, what type music you will be playing the most and how much power you will need. Even if you love the sound of a tube amp you may not want to pay the price for one with enough wattage to play large rooms.

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