How to Choose an Acoustic Guitar Amp

Amps For Acoustic Guitars

If you play an Acoustic Guitar and your looking to buy a amp for it, there are some things you need to take into consideration in order to choose the proper one for you. First off, you must decide if your going to be playing your guitar in performance acts, in front of big crowds or if your just playing for a few friends in the basement. Different amplifiers have different speaker levels.

One you use to play for your friends in the basement, will not be heard by the entire audience if your performing in front of a crowd on stage. You need to find an amp that is durable, accurate and most importantly lets your acoustic sound like an acoustic. A good acoustic amp allows your guitar to sound the same, adding as little color to it as possible, in all just making it sound bigger.

Acoustic Guitar AmpSome good examples of great acoustic amps would be Marshall AS100D, Fishman Loud Box Performer, and Rivera Sedona 55 Doyle Dykes Signature Combo. There are many other amps out there that work great for acoustic. You can find any and all guitar amps online or at most music shops in your area.

Some amps can be pretty expensive but there are some available in all price ranges so you wont break the bank trying to achieve the perfect sound. You can get a wider selection of amps by shopping online, also find out more information about each one. Research before you buy.

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