Guitar Amps Let You Feel the Music and Feel the Vibe

Guitar Amps Let You Feel the Music and Feel the Vibe

There are so many different types of Guitar Amplifiers available today. Let’s start with the smallest. If you’re a beginning guitar student go ahead and pick up one of the $20 models in a pawn shop that sell retail for around $40-$50. These are only about 10″ square, can be picked up with one finger, but, they will put out enough sound for you to adequately be aware of what you’re doing as far as fret work and picking.

A good home amplifier or small club get decidedly heavier and have many more features. They usually sport twin speakers side by side with a decent weight on the magnet to give you the volume. Reverb, tremelo, bass, and others can make a cheap guitar sound like the top line of a Gibson.

When you start truly playing more than a couple of times a month and your venues move up to well over 150 people partying you need to break your bank and put money out for the piggy back systems. The top guitar-ampmechanics of the amplifier should be at least 500 plus watts. The bottom should hold no less than 2 10″ well constructed, well known and in demand speakers.

A rule of thumb is this: to project across the dance halls use 2, 20″ speakers in each bottom with over 1,000 watts driving both. If your 16 ounce blue jeans don’t flutter with the punch and your blood doesn’t bubble that amplifier isn’t delivering. Enjoy those fabulous amplifiers!

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