Roland CUBE-XL Series Guitar Amplifier

Roland CUBE-XL Series Guitar Amplifier

Roland is no stranger to innovation. Constantly pushing forward in the fields of digital keyboards, recording equipment, PA gear, and more, the company is now stepping forward once again in the field of guitar amplification. Hot off the success of their wildly popular Cube series, Roland’s newest endeavor is the rejuvenated Cube XL series.
The Original Cube series of amplifiers were based off of a simple concept; Making an extremely affordable solid state practice amp with the most flexibility and quality available for the price.

At first glance, the new Cube XL series may appear to simply be a rehash of the original Cube design. From a general perspective, it is. The layout, function ability, and appearance of the amp all are based off of the trusted Cube design. However, the series offers several upgrades previously unseen in the original Cube series.

Roland-CUBE-Guitar-AmplifierMany models feature an expanded selection of options through Roland’s patented COSM system (which can also be seen in their pedals and recording gear.) This system includes amplifier emulations, as well as effects and stomp box emulators. The amp itself appears to be geared toward aspiring hard rock and metal guitarists, offering a wealth of high gain tones in a compact package.

Roland offers amps in the series, ranging from 15 to 80 watts. Higher end models can include features such as built in tuners, footswitch-able channels, and phrase loopers. The series is yet another example of Roland’s unique ability to combine innovation with affordability in today’s market.

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