Review of the Top Crate Guitar Amps

Review of the Top Crate Guitar Amps

Used by top artists from Bo Diddley to Billy Gibbons, Crate has established a reputation for quality and innovation in guitar amps. No matter the performance setting or the portability requirements, Crate has an amplifier option for virtually any guitar and need.

The company’s Taxi battery powered amplifiers offer highly maneuverable, outlet-free amplification in a small form factor. An eight hour battery life and dual channel inputs come in this robust amp, perfect for solo performers who play and sing.

For studio or recording needs, the USB-enabled Profiler amps give players easy and direct recording access, with both battery and AC power options. Integrated digital effects processing give users a mobile recording studio with only a laptop or computer needed.

Providing high power and high gain combos and heads, Crate’s FlexWave amplifiers are some of the industry’s most advanced with superior channel tracking and tone generation. Further, Top Crate Guitar Ampsat only fifteen pounds and sporting an engineered closed back cabinet for powerful distortion, the Flex is extremely versatile, even having an external output that can power another speaker.

Artists wanting to go “unplugged” will also enjoy Crate’s line of acoustic amplifiers; in fact, the CA line of amps is continually popular for its success in combining natural sound with the versatility of electronic performance.

Electric purists may prefer Crate’s V-Series tube amplifiers. The V-Series gives artists the classic crisp, clean amplified sounds of tube amplifiers with retro plywood cabinet styling.

All of Crate’s top amps come with warranty service available at nationwide service centers.

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