Fender guitar amps feature exciting effects

Fender guitar amps feature exciting effects

Fender guitar amps are used by musicians around the world. Large and small they are used by many rock, blues and country performers. A variety of models are made for creating a dynamic range of sounds. Fender amps work well for practicing and for recording. They come equipped with digital effects for all playing styles.

New models give the guitarist the ability to play along with a band. Built in drum bass and backing loops are included with the Fender G DEC Junior amp. A guitarist can jam with a virtual band in styles that range from rock, blues, jazz to metal and country. Latin and hip hop sounds are available on the G DEC Junior amp also. It has a simple interface with knobs for selecting various effects.

Fender-AmplifierFender guitar amps come with onboard mp3, wav file storage and playback. A large group of guitar tones can be created from a virtual warehouse full of amps and effects. Many of the backing tracks on Fender amps were created by some of the worlds best musicians. Unlimited storage of presets and audio content is available with the multi function SD card slot.

Some new models of Fender guitar amps such as the Mustang connect to the computer. It comes equipped with usb connectivity and Fender FUSE software. This allows for on screen parameter control and deep editing. It has additional effects and unlimited preset storage. Users of Fender FUSE software benefit from online preset swapping with the Fender FUSE community.

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