About Peavey Guitar Amps

About Peavey Guitar Amps

This could be the shortest article you’ve ever read. All that really needs to be said is this: Peavey has been around long enough to work out all the kinks and by record of performance, know their business inside and out. That is really all you need to know. To fill those of you in who are not aware of this brand here is a little more information.

25 years ago major brands of guitar amplifiers for small venues were Ampeg and Fender with a little Gibson thrown in. Larger gigs called for Marshall, Sunn and Orange. Suddenly we had a new product on the market called Peavey. With their amplifiers they also introduced guitars of all types and strings. Many Peavey-Guitar-Ampsmusicians picked up these first small amplifiers for their homes and very small clubs. Their largest could play a job that held about 150 people. They produced a nice clean tone, projected well and could handle any fuzz or wah wah tones you wanted to throw at them. They were heavy which of course is indicative of well built and major magnet size on the back of the speakers. Their cones held up great for many years of abuse and rarely needed re-papered.

They have continued to grow in size but have chosen never to acquire the large size of others. Intentionally they retain their perfect sound, stability, reliability and can easily be mic’d to a house system or the bands “whole” sound cabinets. Peavey is a great investment!

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