About Line 6 Guitar Amps

Line 6 Guitar Amps

Line 6 is a popular music company that provides almost everything guitar related including a wide variety of different guitar and bass amplifiers. Line 6 specializes in this area and has created the top-selling group of amplifiers in the US. They offer 5 different families of amps which includes the Spider IV (the number one selling amp), the Spider Valve MkII, the Micro Spider, the Spider Jam and the retro inspired DT50.

The Spider IV is the most popular Line 6 amplifier and offers a variety of different sub-models for every rockstar out there ranging from a 15 watt to 150 watt amp. This specific amp line has a number of features that many other amplifiers on the market lack such as Smart FX and line-6a built-in tuner.

Smart FX is a number of different sound effects including reverb, tremolo and echo that that can be dialed-in quickly and easily on the front panel of the amplifier. This feature allows the user to play with the sound without having to buy a number of effect pedals and add-ons.

The DT50 amplifiers are some of the best on the market and are the driving flagship for Line 6. This model is simple yet flexible and allows the musician to create almost any tone and voice imaginable and save those sound types in the user-defined two-channel system. Line 6 has created a fantastic grouping of of different amplifiers that can provide that much needed power and clean sound that any guitarist craves.

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